Our Story

The Cranbrook Ashley HomeStore was established in 2005 and is independently owned and operated by the Hoechsmann Family.

It may seem hard to believe but it all started when the Hoechsmann family were looking for a warehouse to house their existing operations. They had outgrown their current facilities and desperately needed a bigger space! They found a building on the strip with retail in the front and a 4500 square foot warehouse in the back. The warehouse was perfect!

After looking at the space more closely, and lots of brainstorming, a decision was made to open a mattress specialty shop. The planning started and an opportunity came up that was unexpected, to open an Ashley HomeStore.  However, the available retail space was not big enough. Disappointed but still excited about the Ashley opportunity, a decision was made to open a furniture and mattress store, featuring Ashley product. The building undertook a massive renovation inside and out changing the façade from cinderblock to stucco, rock, and timber. The store was named Home Living and was strongly embraced by the community and customers alike. 

Two years later, in 2007, the Hoechsmann’s converted the Home Living Store to an Ashley HomeStore when more space became available. A large renovation took place and many unique HomeStore elements were added to the showroom.

In 2011, a freshwater line burst, and the store filled with 2” of water. Those that have experienced a flood will appreciate how much damage this can cause!  Another renovation!

With the introduction of appliances, the showroom needed expanding so the warehouse was moved to another facility and the store underwent another massive transformation converting it into beautiful showroom and expanding the mattress and appliance departments.  Today, the Cranbrook Ashley HomeStore features a wide selection of furniture, mattresses, appliances, and accessories.  

From humble beginnings, the Ashley HomeStore provides a unique shopping experience with a friendly, knowledgeable team ready to welcome you. Stop by and enjoy the Ashley experience!